Robotic system for welding scaffolding

The main difference of our company is orientation on production modernization and equipping it with new, modern equipment. At the end of last year, the technological Park of the equipment section building structures, which is headed by Saganowski S. M., was added to the industrial welding robot Fanuc Arc Mate 100iC/8L c software ARC Tool, designed specifically for use in arc welding.

Modern robot Kemppi, which is the basis of the complex, has flexible program settings that allows you to perform very complex welding operations in tight spaces product. Not to mention the higher quality of the welding works carried out by the robot compared to conventional manual machines. The welds have a smooth appearance and go with the utmost precision. The design of the robot is highly mobile, and the welding head movable on the shoulders can reach those places that for manual welding would not be available.

The ability to weld various products of welding robot acquires in the learning process. And "teaches" his Calf Alexander, a highly skilled welder. Commands from the remote Alexander makes the welding robot to perform the necessary movements. Data together with the geometry of the product it introduces in the control system program processing. Having a "job", then the robot will act on its own in automatic mode. The system of "learning" provides not only the movement of the electrode along any difficult path, but also issues commands to the initiation of the arc, changing the wire feed speed, crater welding seam, etc. In the software library stores information about the algorithm of welding a variety of products.

The use of the welding robot allows to obtain several advantages, such as increased efficiency, improved quality and a high level of security for the welding process.