School furniture is a basic element in the educational process. Furniture for schools needs to be comfortable, functional and safe, meet modern requirements of hygiene and ergonomics.

Production of furniture for schools, universities, colleges – a process that is technological control at all production stages. Why school furniture is produced by our company is quality, reliability and durability which is achieved only by using modern technological equipment that meets international standards.

Without exaggeration, every parent is an important factor in the learning process of their child, in addition to obtaining the knowledge itself is comfortably equipped with a "working" place. For the school Desk, the child is not hour and not two, so you should think about choosing a high-quality product for a reasonable price. We offer furniture that meets modern requirements and standards, including "New Ukrainian Schools" : anticholine adjustable single Desk with table top in 7 degrees and a built-in pencil case, and chairs with anatomic bends. On different growth, height-adjustable.

To ensure long-term operation the ends of all student school furniture treated with a plastic ABS edge 1-2mm Countertops have rounded the corners of all elements of CPD. Back and seat of chairs have physiological bends and inclination angles, the value of which is determined in GOST.

School furniture must provide the correct posture when practicing for the school Desk. For this student tables and chairs needs to be selected not only for the growth of the child at the moment, but considering that children grow differently. Therefore it is necessary to pay attention to adjustable student tables and chairs, the size of which may vary in the range of 2 required growth groups.