Temporary fences are a reliable barrier to ensure that people are temporarily restricted from accessing unsafe and off-limits facilities or land. The mobility and ease of assembly of a temporary fence makes it possible to carry out the installation without much effort, regardless of the terrain and the length of the object. The structure is designed for multiple use at various sites and is a mesh panel in a welded metal frame and fasteners.

Benefits of temporary fences:
Mobility - temporary fencing can be moved, installed and dismantled, carried, assembled from them into the configuration of the fence line of any complexity;
Fast installation - supports are placed on the ground and fence posts are inserted into them;
Low installation costs - installation of a temporary fence does not require excavation, welding, fence posts do not need to be concreted, and there are no costs for renting special equipment, since this is not necessary;
Low weight - thanks to this, the installation of the sections of the temporary fence can be carried out by only two workers;