Talented youth

     Each unit of products manufactured by our enterprise contains the work of many people. There is no doubt that welders are at the forefront of production. A welder is a responsible and almost virtuoso profession; the durability and stability of building structures depends on the quality of the welder's work.
The time of the emergence of the profession of a welder can be considered 1802, when V. Petrov discovered the effect of an electric arc, when it occurs between two carbon electrodes, a high temperature is created. Decades later, the method of joining metals with an electric arc method has revolutionized various industries and construction.
     I am glad that over the past six months talented young people have come to the enterprise. Among them is a 5th grade welder Miroshnichenko Andrey. His work requires knowledge of electrical engineering, metal melting technology and the principles of operation of the units and equipment used. Andrey enthusiastically joined the production process and his work is highly appreciated by the shop management.
In July, Andrei had a daughter, and colleagues at work and the administration of the enterprise congratulated him on this wonderful event.