Proud of the best!

      The production capacity of our company is characterized by a high degree of automation of technological processes. One of the main means of automation is the computer-controlled machine tools that are operated by highly skilled operators.

      Among them - Shuteev Andrew. His profession requires certain knowledge in programming, the ability to understand the drawings and the availability of engineering thinking. The operator of machine tools with PU – is not just a technical specialty, is a kind of art, which perfectly captured Andrew. It is distinguished by a deep understanding of metal, high-skill and ability to solve the most complex tasks.

      The plot where Andrew works, equipped with modern hydraulic press DURMA AD-R 25100 designed to work with different metals, and may perform bending of sheet metal with high accuracy and performance, virtually eliminating the deformation in the region of the bend. In addition, Andrew serves automatic pipe Bender GM-SB-38CNC-3F-1S, equipped with modern industrial computer with advanced software that ensures high productivity and repeatability of parts and bending machine AKYAPAK APK 61 with three work axes, and is ideal for most bending operations.

      Thanks to competent and qualified professionals, our customers can be assured of high quality products.